Most of my life I tried to differentiate myself from the herd with humor and hard work. This is dangerous because an outlier is vulnerable to predators, but I think I’ve found my way with art. My work struggles for individuality and represents emotion through color and shape. My style is characterized by spontaneity, and freedom of expression. My paintings are my emotional response to reality. I am an artist because it makes me feel good. I didn’t plan on retiring, but the economy forced me out, and boy am I glad. Once I put together my 30 years of computers, a little more school and some art experience, I tried everything.

I started with representational paintings and drawings, but then found myself working in Photoshop and Procreate to make abstract art. When I decided I needed coaching on composition, color, line, etc., I took sumi-e, printmaking and acrylic abstact art. Lately,I create my own work using any one of these media, photograph or scan the work, and drop it into Photoshop then print and frame. I have had some success recently thanks to my friends and family support.  I hope you enjoy viewing the pieces on this site.  The portfolio shows the entire range of work.  It is subdivided into Acrylic, Digital and Print.  I use Acrylic and Print, as will as Ipad paintings to produce Digital prints.

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